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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and 'Business as Usual'

Pictured: Professor Laura Morgan Roberts

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Normalize DEI in Your Organization

Firms that prioritize diversity end up with greater access to talent. They benefit from more innovation. They thrive more in our globalized economic systems. Yet, diversity and the inclusion of marginalized people remains an acute business, social and cultural challenge.

Empowering diversity and enacting inclusion requires leaders to articulate a vision and keep that vision front of mind. It involves putting into place the systems and structures, the accountability measures, and the metrics to ensure that talented people thrive and advance unencumbered by obstacles, systemic biases or discriminatory policies.

In this white paper, Darden's DEI thought leaders share actionable insights for changing the conversation around difference, including:

  • Five key challenges to diversity and inclusion
  • Five new pathways that will lead to a more diverse and inclusive culture
  • Evidence-backed tools to align others, build momentum, and sustain change around diversity and inclusion.

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