Coding for Designers & Managers

Online Course

A Coding Class for You

Do you work with software developers but not as a coder?  Would you like to build more prototypes and fewer PowerPoints? Edit web pages yourself? Better understand what on earth the developers are talking about? If so, this course is for you.

A Coding Class on Your Schedule

This course is designed around a workload of about 6 hours per week.  You'll be supported by a Darden instructor as well as a team of teaching assistants monitoring help forums and available in office hours.

A Coding Class for the Work You Do

You're going to learn how to build and deploy functioning applications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  You'll leave the course with the creative confidence to code where you want to.  Rather than an abbreviated 'CS101' class, this course is built from the ground up with you in mind-the interdisciplinary superstar!



General Faculty

Alex has been an entrepreneur (5x) and an intrapreneur (1x).  At the Darden School of Business, he is focused on software and product design in digital.  He also teaches online, where his courses have been delivered over 100,000 times.

Alex studied industrial engineering and economics at Stanford University and, like you, he is a big fan of lifelong learning.

Laura Klein

VP, Product at Business Talent Group

Laura fell in love with technology when she saw her first user research session over 20 years ago.  Since then, she's worked as an engineer, user experience designer, and product manager in Silicon Valley for companies of all sizes. She's written two books about products, Build Better Products (Rosenfeld Media '16) and UX for Lean Startups (O'Reilly Media '13). She is currently the VP, Product at Business Talent Group.

Laura studied and received her A.B. from Stanford University.