Collaboration and Influence

Digital Program

Upcoming Dates: 30 March–3 May 2020
Duration: 5 weeks
Time Commitment: 3-5 hrs/wk
Cost: USD $1,495

Discover what motivates your organization's internal and external stakeholders to build trust, promote positive engagement, gain support for new ideas, and ultimately drive long-term success and growth.


Why Enroll?

Successful leaders understand how critical the power of influence is to the ability to create value for their stakeholders. This new digital program guides leaders through the process of understanding the perspectives of their various stakeholder groups and engaging with them to achieve common goals. Learn to deliver a powerful vision, orchestrate complex change, or gain support for a key innovation by developing your competence in stakeholder engagement, influence, strategic engagement and negotiation.

Stakeholder Mapping - Based on the tenets of the Stakeholder Engagement Theory developed by Darden's Professor R. Edward Freeman, this module will help you discover how to better manage your key relationships. Identify everyone with a stake in your endeavors, develop a well-informed and empathetic understanding of their perspectives, and map out a strategy to achieve your goals in a way that engages your stakeholders and their needs appropriately.

Influence - Cultivate consensus by honing your ability to influence the key players around important objectives. Uncover underlying conflicts and be aware of the different layers of communication required to resolve them. Explore the six principles of influence, the art of giving and receiving difficult feedback, and the balance between advocacy and inquiry in communication.

Strategic Engagement - Set the stage for effective communication by determining how to frame an issue for your intended audience. Practice the craft of “telling a story” to be a more persuasive advocate. Adopt strategies for handling pushback more effectively and for making sure your plan of engagement is prepared for any eventuality.

Negotiation - Master the art of negotiation by studying the five stages of the negotiation process, the spectrum of negotiation styles, and a variety of key terms, concepts, and strategies that will help illuminate your way.

Continued Learning and Growth - Continue to develop your engagement and negotiation skills through role play, after-action review, partnership reflection, and cultural competence.



  • Build empathy by identifying what matters to each stakeholder group
  • Learn how to better engage with your key stakeholders
  • Align purpose and address conflicts within groups
  • Appeal to and leverage different stakeholder perspectives to develop more effective solutions
  • Develop a negotiation style and approach that opens communication and builds trust between parties, making it possible to create mutual value in the final agreement

Course Format

Collaboration and Influence is an on-demand, online program conducted over the course of 5 weeks. There are five modules, which each contain:

  • Videos covering important concepts
  • Learning Surveys to benchmark your pre-program knowledge and track your progress throughout the program
  • Assignments that give you a chance to learn by doing
  • Toolkits that provide you with strategies for taking these skills back to the real world

Who should take this program?

Leaders and team members who need to:

  • Communicate a vision and gather support for it
  • Motivate teams to do accomplish goals
  • Manage the risks of diverse stakeholders failing to achieve alignment on key projects
  • Become more influential inside and outside their organization
  • Efficiently and effectively navigate daily interactions with peers, teams, and other stakeholders



Bidhan ("Bobby") Parmar
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Parmar's research interests and expertise focuses on how managers make decisions and collaborate in uncertain and changing environments to create value for stakeholders. His work helps executives better handle ambiguity in their decision making.


How do I register?
You can register for this program by completing a registration form linked from the “Register now” button on this page. Payment is due upon registration. We accept payment online from American Express, MasterCard and Visa. You'll receive a confirmation email after we receive your registration.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we do. Our participants report that they learn and sustain change better when enrolling in a Darden course with others from their organizations. We support team learning with a 10% tuition reduction for groups of ten (10) or more. Submit your request for group pricing through the inquiry form on this page.

Upcoming Course Dates
30 Mar–3 May 2020



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