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The Executive Program:
Strategic Leadership at the Top 

Today's executives face challenges and opportunities that extend beyond the enterprise — across industries and around the world. Confronting the challenges and embracing these opportunities require more than training and expertise. It requires a strategic perspective, informed judgment and a global vision for what’s possible. The Executive Program: Strategic Leadership at the Top (TEP) offers a global leadership experience like no other, a complete immersion into the principles, habits and perspectives of transformational leaders that will provide a higher view for how you lead your organization in today’s complex, uncertain world.

To meet the ever-changing needs of today's executives, TEP's format has been expanded to include both virtual and residential modules, extending the learning journey to provide ongoing support and guidance as you share and implement new insights within your organization. And your residential module will include sessions, workshops and guest speakers at both of Darden's locations - Charlottesville and Rosslyn.

Throughout this intense program, your TEP journey will be a shared one, connecting with engaged faculty as well as senior executives from diverse industries around the world. Our proven experiential approach focuses on the whole leader, to discover what inspires and drives you from the inside out and beyond.

Rare opportunity to step out of your regular life to learn, reflect and engage with a diverse group of people on the importance and responsibilities of leadership and how to create value where it matters most.Kristen Hege (TEP '16), CVP, Translational Development, Celgene

Program Overview

Crystallize your vision, self-awareness and holistic leadership capabilities with Darden's flagship global leadership experience for senior-level executives. The Executive Program's  individualized approach starts with you.

  • Engage with faculty and members of your learning team throughout the program to discuss and explore personalized new possibilities for yourself and your organization
  • Analyze real-life business situations and become a better leader by asking the right questions, thinking strategically and offering solutions-sharpened by the perspective of colleagues and their executive leadership experience.
  • Apply new concepts to your current position and identify a personal or organizational challenge for which you'll develop a customized plan of action to launch upon your return.
  • Engage in enrichment activities and workshops chosen by you and your peers. You'll expand on classroom concepts with topics like design thinking, financial management, entrepreneurship, or government and politics.
  • Improve your peak performance through a stamina-building wellness program that includes a course on cognitive fitness, structured exercise opportunities and a personalized wellness profile with risk ratings and recommendations for health improvement, so you can ensure that your physical, mental and psychological strengths serve you well during the program and the rest of your life.

Listen to alumni from The Executive Program (TEP) share stories and insights from their Darden experience and how it transformed them, their perspectives and their approach to leadership. 

Program Format

TEP's extended learning journey includes both virtual and in-person modules:

  • Opening Online Module - Meet the TEP faculty, share your personal and organizational challenges and goals, and prepare for your TEP experience
  • In-Person Immersive Module #1 - Hosted at Darden's location in Charlottesville
  • In-Person Immersive Module #2 - Hosted at Darden's locations in both Charlottesville and Rosslyn
  • Virtual Intersession Modules - Webinars, coaching sessions, group projects, etc. to help you implement new strategies and plans once you return to the office

Key Themes

By putting you in a position to engage key issues across functional and enterprise boundaries, you will develop the acumen to inspire change and drive innovation within yourself, your organization and beyond.

Developing Executive Capabilities:

  • Leading Other Leaders
  • Thinking & Acting Strategically
  • Taking an Enterprise Perspective
  • Becoming Globally Aware
  • Managing Through Crisis
  • Envisioning Future Scenarios & Possibilities
  • Leading "Values" Change Towards New Priorities & Standards
  • Leading Cultural Change
  • Managing/ Aligning Diverse Stakeholders
  • Making Tough Decisions
  • Advocacy

Key Topics:

  • Digital Transformation & Disruptive Technologies
  • Global Disruptions
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Environmental, social & governance
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Future of Competition
It's a really holistic experience with faculty that teach together. It starts early in the morning, finishes at what time you want to leave at night, and there's a social side to it, too. I just grabbed every bit of it.Neal Garnett (TEP '15), SVP, Construction Transport & Industrial, De Lage Landen

Impact & Outcomes

As a result of participating in this program, you will be able to:

  • More effectively lead from purpose, vision, and values
  • Apply a strategic mindset to skillfully envision and communicate an enterprise strategy and desired future
  • Leverage an enterprise perspective to integrate across functions and foster a results orientation throughout the organization
  • Demonstrate a global orientation to decision making and systems thinking
  • Enhance your personal well-being by more effectively balancing mental and physical demands with organizational imperatives

Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles shares the importance of professional development for her staff, and how programs like TEP have been invaluable opportunities for a non-profit organization with a limited budget.


This program is designed for senior-level executives with more than twelve years of experience in significant management roles. Of the more than 4,000 executives who have graduated from this program, many represent Fortune 100 companies. Approximately 60% of TEP participants also have advanced degrees.

Executives in The Executive Program are selected for their outstanding leadership capabilities. As you share perspectives in the classroom, you will gain insights that will provide more breadth and depth to your own point of view.

Composition of a TEP Cohort

Alumni Benefits

In addition to networking with a diverse group of leaders during your TEP experience, TEP graduates are also connected to the 13,000+ Darden alumni in over 90 countries around the world. As such, you receive many of the same benefits, including:

  • Alumni Directory (alumni.darden.edu)
  • Lifetime Darden email address
  • Monthly webinars with faculty
  • Alumni chapter events around the world (excluding MBA alumni/admissions receptions)
  • Access to Darden's case collection
  • Alumni Career Services online toolkit
  • Alumni newsletters and messages from the School
  • Executive Education - 25% discount on short programs
  • The Darden Report magazine (bi-annually)

Application Process & Tuition

Admission is by application only. 

Tuition is $39,950 and includes materials, meals and accommodations.

Participants represent a broad range of backgrounds - industries, geographic locations, organizational size and professional responsibilities are considered. Although the number of participants from any one organization may be limited, firms are encouraged to send more than one executive. Admission is based on consultation among the three parties concerned: the nominating company, the applicant and a committee of the TEP faculty that evaluates the candidate's application. Notice of confirmed admission to TEP will be sent as soon as the process is complete.

Application Procedures

A candidate's suitability should be discussed with one of our directors prior to internal company discussions and participant's application.

  • A company may request a reservation before nominating a specific applicant.
  • Nomination of a participant must be originated by the participant's organization.
  • Completed applications will be handled on a "first come" basis. 
  • Enrollment is limited. Early application is encouraged.

Once your application has been reviewed and upon acceptance into the program, a 25% deposit is required to secure your registration.


Upcoming Session

In-Person Immersion Module #1:
31 May–12 June 2020

In-Person Immersion Module #2:
30 November–12 December 2020

Virtual intersession modules will be hosted before and between the in-person modules.





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