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Future-Proof Your Strategy: Four Essential Tools

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Be Prepared for Every Challenge

Whatever your organization, your market or your customer base, strategy sets your direction and determines your priorities, the allocation of your resources and the myriad decisions that you make every single day.

So what makes one strategy future-proof another future fail? Many of the organizations are successful because of their capacity to do one thing consistently: strategic analysis.

Drawing from Professors Jared Harris and Mike Lenox's strategy guide, The Strategist's Toolkit, this whitepaper explores four foundational analytical tools that you will need to address key questions you need to answer to drive sustained success:

  • Who are the principal competitors in my market right now and what’s my position vis a vis them?
  • What is my broader competitive context and how is it likely to change in the future?
  • What are the capabilities that I might need to develop in the future to create unique value?
  • Is my strategy resilient enough to withstand future change?

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