Management Development Program: High-Performance Leadership

For rising executives who need an enterprise perspective, the Management Development Program: High-Performance Leadership deepens your managers' strategic expertise across functions and between teams, so that they can become more effective leaders. This program will help broaden their understanding of how all aspects of your business work together to gain a more holistic view of the organization and make more informed, strategic business decisions.

Your high-potential leaders will:

  • Build a portfolio of proven corporate strategies to grow profits, improve efficiencies, inspire employees, and promote conversation among stakeholders
  • Gain a cross-disciplinary perspective to guide decision-making during management challenges
  • Connect with an international network of executive peers whose shared expertise and connections will enrich the organization and their careers
  • Get hands-on experience analyzing the key performance indicators they must track for organizational growth

Completion of the Management Development Program will also earn two credits toward a Certificate in Management. If your team completes two additional courses within four years, they will each receive a certificate.

Who Attends?

Typical Job Roles/Titles: Director/Sr Director, VP, Manager/Sr Manager, Specialist

Popular Industries: Insurance, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Government, Restaurant, Research, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Construction, IT, Airlines, Healthcare

I came away with increased confidence in my ability to lead as a manager and with an ongoing commitment to focus my energies on learning. Constance Neary, Vice President,United Educators
Opened my eyes to the profound benefits of integrating tactical management with strategic awareness. Leon Carayannopoulos, Executive Director, Celgene