Leading Mindfully: Showing Up as a Leader

With Professors Lili Powell and Jeremy Hunter

How do you typically show up as a leader...really show up? While most of us would like to strike a heroic pose (and luckily we pull it off most of the time), inside we may find that there are times when we struggle. This struggle may come in different forms: being easily distracted, inwardly critiquing oneself, experiencing high-performance burnout, difficulty expressing or even feeling strong emotions, or over-accommodating everyone’s needs but your own. Inner struggles like these can undermine your leadership results. If you’d like to change this, learning to lead mindfully may help. Professors Lili Powell and Jeremy Hunter discuss how the quality of your attention is likely to affect the quality of your results, featuring topics such as:

  • How do you learn to see your leadership blind spots?
  • How do you learn to center yourself so you can interact more effectively?
  • How can your personal example inspire your organization to become more mindful?


Leading Mindfully

Powell and Hunter also teach in the Leading Mindfully program. Participants learn how to connect with and influence others through an experiential program that emphasizes self-development and deep-listening skills for leading, interacting, and communicating more mindfully.