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Leading Innovation in the Smart Machine Age

With Professor Ed Hess

Cost: Complimentary

The coming Smart Machine Age will transform how businesses operate and impact the type of employees and leaders necessary to drive growth, as innovation is quickly becoming the primary value creation differentiator.

Join Professor Ed Hess to learn how a NewSMART© approach will help you lead innovation through your team by:

  • Encouraging team engagement through humility, reflective listening and mitigation of fear and ego
  • Discarding traditional command and control leadership models of "all-knowing" leaders who rely on hierarchical power and self-promotion to drive results
  • Embracing a learning culture that promotes candor, idea meritocracy, experimentation and emotional engagement
  • Modeling the mindsets and behaviors that drive high performance learning necessary for innovation


Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance

Tuition: $8,900

Supercharge the success of your business by prioritizing people first. In Servant Leadership: A Path to High Performance, you'll learn how to deepen working relationships, strengthen employee and customer satisfaction, and re-engage the emotional drivers of success across your sphere of influence.