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Women in Leadership: Faculty Insights

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Perspectives from four of Darden's top-ranked faculty on how women can leverage their strengths to grow as leaders.

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Rewrite the Rule Book

Gender disparity — in salaries, in roles and in leadership opportunities — continues to be a fact of life in nearly every walk of life. Yet research overwhelmingly points to benefits for organizations that have strong female leadership.

Four faculty experts from our Women in Leadership program share evidence-backed techniques and tools that women in leadership can leverage to reconfigure the playing field — for themselves and others.

Pulling from research and insights in business administration, leadership, organizational behavior and design, this white paper explores such topics as:

  • Positive deviance as an approach for leveraging difference to drive change and add value
  • Reducing complexity and risk in decision-making
  • Rethinking negotiation strategies to build stronger relationships
  • Leveraging influence at every point in your leadership journey to optimize performance and organizational design
  • Harnessing positive feedback to inform career direction

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